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How to Protect Your Skin From Pollution

Los Angeles may be known for sexy celebrities and glamour, but it’s also known as one of the smoggiest cities in America. After living in LA for six years, I started to wonder if smog was having an effect on … Continue reading

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The Ugly Truth: Smoking and Your Skin

It’s one of this year’s most popular New Year’s resolutions and one of the most challenging addictions to overcome. It kills over 440,000 people each year and causes a string of health conditions that are often irreversible. If you are … Continue reading

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To Tone, or Not to Tone?

There are two kinds of people who need a toner. The first are those with oily or blemish prone skin. The second are those looking to prevent premature signs of aging. Chances are you fit one of those descriptions, but … Continue reading

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A Cool Winter Treat For Your Skin

To maintain his glowing complexion, Ole believes in incorporating old Scandinavian rituals to create a stress free, less-is-more lifestyle. “Whether it’s the way I pack my meals (simple and healthy) to the way I pack my suitcase (by choosing a … Continue reading

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Celebrity Secret: Instant Face Lift, Sans Surgery

When prepping for a big red carpet event, Ole encourages his celebrity spa regulars to try his natural “Botox” treatment. While most of us will never walk the red carpet, this treatment is perfect to give your skin a boost … Continue reading

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The New Rules of Looking Younger

A luminous complexion that glows with health makes any woman look younger than her years. One mistake that many women make as they get older is to mattify their skin with foundation and powder, which settles into fine lines and … Continue reading

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How to Age Beautifully and Naturally

We asked Ole Henriksen to share his thoughts on looking and feeling young at any age. The answer, he says, is not going under the knife. Living in Hollywood has helped Ole spot the differences between natural, healthy skin, and … Continue reading

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