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Skincare Advice for Every Age

With so many different skincare trends that come and go, choosing a product, let alone an entire collection worth sticking to is a rare find. Scandanavian model, turned devoted mother Helene Heldager gives us insight on why she has been … Continue reading

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Update Your Beauty Routine with Eye Lash Extensions

With my new lash extensions from OLEHENRIKSEN FACE/BODY SPA’s new and fully stocked Lash Bar I cut my make-up routine in half. Gone are the days I have to curl and apply coat after coat of mascara and eye-liner to … Continue reading

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Get Party Pretty for the Holidays: micro/mini peel system.

Looking for a way to jingle bell rock your next holiday party this season? Here at OLEHENRIKSEN, we have a solution. Get your skin party pretty for holiday photos  with our award winning micro mini/peel system – because you know … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gift Tips from Ole Henriksen

This Mother’s day we want to encourage our readers to look back on their fondest memories of their mothers, as well as creating new ones. Ole recalls his most treasured memory of his mother Anny saying, “I remember my mother … Continue reading

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All Natural Sugar Glow Face Scrub

Honey, organic sugar, pomegranate and grapefruit juice — these aren’t the ingredients to a bakery treat, but for Ole Henriksen’s new all natural sugar glow face scrub. “The popularity of the african red tea exotic body scrub prompted me to … Continue reading

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Anniversary Special: Men’s Skin Care Revolution

When Ole began his treatments in the early ’70s, men’s skin care was a relatively uncharted domain. “When Kirk Douglas first started consulting me in 1975, he clearly stated that he did not want it to be known that he … Continue reading

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Product Spotlight: Body Sleek

In the cold winter months, a thick, creamy body lotion is an absolute must. Ole Henriksen’s body sleek lotion is bursting with essential fatty acids and vitamins. Your skin will feel delicious from the apricot, almond, avocado and sunflower oils … Continue reading

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