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  We caught up with Ole Henriksen for his natural secret on how to fake awake for those days when a good night’s sleep seems like a faraway dream. This easy at-home remedy is part of every OLEHENRIKSEN complexion treatment at theOLEHENRIKSEN Spa in Beverly Hills — a truly relaxing and invigorating treatment to de-puff and brighten your fatigued eyes. All you’ll need is two simple ingredients to achieve a more rested look.


  • Half A Cucumber
  • Gauze or cheese cloth

Start by grating the cucumber. This releases the Caffeic Acid, which will reduce swelling in the eye region. Place the shredded cucumber in the center of gauze or cheese cloth and roll into a sushi-like roll. Rest the sushi roll over your eyes and leave in place for at least 10 minutes.

For a complete home spa ritual, Ole recommends using his hydrating lavender infused Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask while the cucumber sushi roll is in place. Take this time to lay on your back on a cushioned carpet with a nice pillow under your head and drift off into meditation while this deeply relaxing mask exfoliates your skin and the cucumber roll brightens and tightens the eye region. Follow with Ultimate Lift Eye Gel to seal in all the benefits from the cucumber booster treatment, leaving you with a fresh, radiant glow!

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