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Ask Ole: What Are My Beauty Essentials?

I have this dream of having an exquisitely bountiful collection of beauty products. Cabinets upon cabinets full of products that take care of skin concerns A to Z. But, if you’re anything like me you’ve got to prioritize! So, I asked the expert, Ole to define his skin essentials.

“Taking care of your skin every single day is an investment into its future. Remember that skin of yours has to last a lifetime,” says Ole. “So when it comes to skin care, I don’t believe in shortcuts, only the best will do!”

Think of your beauty product collection like a wardrobe – one that is built with the basic essentials first and then developed one specialty piece at a time. The key to successfully maintaining your skin is to keep your routine simple.

Ole holds six skin care products as your beauty essentials:

A great cleanser like our african red tea foaming cleanser which is strong enough to cleanse away the days’ make-up, yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

A skin tonic like our african red tea face mist to maintain a natural, hydrated glow along with many other reasons.

A serum to be applied prior to day crème like our truth serum collagen booster loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants to ward off daytime environmental damage.

A balancing day crème with sun protection like our herbal day crème with SPF 15 to function as a lightweight and soothing hydrator.

A richly textured and firming eye crème like our visual truth eye crème to protect and strengthen the skin’s elasticity.

An anti-aging night formulation like our invigorating night gel to hydrate and refine the surface of your skin.

Ole believes that you don’t need excessive amounts of product to supply your skin with the very best. Once you have a strong foundation and a routine set-up, you can gradually build your beauty wardrobe with a complexion scrub, firming or hydrating mask, peeling kit, body scrub and body moisturizer.

What are some of your Ole Henriksen beauty essentials? My personal favorite is our sheer transformation renewing crème because it’s oil-free and jammed-packed with antioxidants – so skin discoloration is a thing of the past!

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