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Ask Ole: How can I maintain a healthy diet on the go for healthy skin?

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Since I started working with Ole Henriksen about a year and a half ago, I have learned so much about how what you eat is not only connected to your general well-being but also the overall health of your skin.

“The skin is your body’s largest organ and all skin renewal processes are impacted by what we eat. You always want to ask yourself: are the foods I’m eating serving my body in the best way possible? In a nutshell, the foods we eat provide fuel for our body to function at optimum levels,” says Ole.

That being said, we all lead busy lives, myself included, so I wanted to sit down with Ole who has mastered the craft of eating healthy on the go in order to maintain a healthy body and glowing skin.

Jenn: “What special advice do you have for people who eat out regularly?”

Ole: When I order at a restaurant, I scan the menu quickly to get an overview of what great salads, vegetable soups and yummy,  simple sandwiches they might have. I immediately will stay far, far away from anything that is fried or contains a long list of ingredients. I explore and try new and exciting things, but always keep in mind that my meal needs a complex carbohydrate, a protein and healthy fats.

Things I order:

  • Chicken: Grilled not fried or stuffed with anything extra
  • Fish: Grilled or poached, never fried
  • Salad: Filled with dark leafy green vegetables with my dressing on the side
  • Dessert: As a rule, I never order dessert on my own – I may have a bite or two of a shared sweet. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I may order a fruit salad on my own.
  • No Salt: I always ask for my food to be made without salt because salt makes the skin retain fluid which means puffiness and bags under your eyes.
  • Avoid all juices and sodas: This is because the sugar concentration is so high that it is harmful to your body. Sugar peaks testosterone levels and thereby oil levels in the skin.

Jenn: You travel so often, how do you eat healthfully while always being on the go?

Ole: I always scout out the healthy options when I travel. My body has gotten so accustomed to healthy, clean meals that I feel sick when I eat heavy foods. I like to stay well-informed about what fuels my body so I can have glowing skin from the inside out.

Jenn: What do you recommend to people who tend to reach for the wrong foods when they’re stressed?

Ole: Try to plan ahead of time and bring food to work. It saves money, time, tastes incredible and if you prepare your food the night before, then you don’t have to think about it in the morning. A favorite treat of mine is multigrain toast with unsalted almond butter and mashed fresh raspberries on top (like a makeshift jam). I always ask myself: What’s going to fuel my body the best and get me excited about eating food. I love food and I look forward to and treasure my meals.

Now you have some helpful tips on how to stay healthy on the go. Do you have any questions for Ole and how he sticks to a healthy diet with his busy schedule? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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