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A Salt’s Cure

For centuries, men and women have bathed in the miraculous waters of the Dead Sea.  The benefits of dipping in mineral-rich waters have been recognized throughout the ages.  After a long and relaxing soak in the soothing, salty waters, the skin is enriched, ultra-moisturized and feels silky soft.

Sea salt is also a very simple cure for treating tired and fatigued muscles.  If you can’t get to a spa to pamper yourself – follow these steps to create an at-home oasis and take advantage of the benefits of a relaxing salt soak and give yourself a little you time:

  • Take 2 cups of Epsom Salt, blend it into warm water
  • Add 1 tablespoon of your favorite essential oil
  • Add 6 tablespoons of almond oil
  • Stir together and enjoy

The aroma of the essential oil will calm and relax while the good fats in the almond oil will enrich and protect the skin’s mantle.

Short on time?  Try the OLEHENRIKSEN rub ‘n buff salt scrub with lavender and lemongrass essential oils and all the benefits of mineral-rich sea salt!

You can use either of these scrubs as a soak, too – dilute the product into warm water and reap the benefits of a mineral-rich bath.  So, roll a hand towel under your neck, lay back and soak!

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