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10 tips to clear skin

1. Use a flat round complexion sponge with your cleanser to help dislodging impurities.

2. Pour grease relief tonic onto a cotton swab and press it into the skin as you go.

3. Sugar causes a rapid rise in blood sugar that can cause an inflammatory response in the skin, so replace sodas with sparkling water and a lemon wedge or your favorite herb tea over ice.

4. Stress is one of the most common causes of eruptions. Take a break from your desk numerous times a day to close your eyes and do a 5-10 minute deep breathing exercise or a few stretching exercises.

5. Wrap an ice cube in a handkerchief and dab it onto blemishes to reduce inflammation and then follow with our roll on blemish attack.

6. Use an oil free moisturizer like our sheer transformation crème that will hydrate and increase your cell turnover rate to reveal clear skin beneath.

7. Fill your sink about a third of the way with warm water and add a teaspoon full of eucalyptus essential oil. Lay a terry cloth in the water and drape it over your face to experience the antiseptic, purifying benefits of this cleansing steam treatment. Follow with our blemish attack mask.

8. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and exercise daily to improve circulation and detoxify the skin.

9. Use a gentle touch – never squeeze pimples or attempt to dry them out in the sun, this will clog pores even more.

10. Use a mineral based makeup product rather than a foundation. Ole recommends YoungBlood or Bare Escentuals.

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