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10 tips for the perfect spa visit

Visiting the spa should be relaxing, but if you are not prepared, you might start feeling a little pre-spa stress. Before your next spa trip, be sure to come prepared with these 10 tips from Shanelle Sampson, the spa director at OLEHENRIKSEN Face/Body. You’ll learn how to best prepare for your spa day in order to maximize every minute of your spa experience.

  1. Make an appointment in advance. Many spas require an appointment, but even if they don’t, it’s a good idea to call in advance.
  2. Ask what amenities they offer. It’s good to know what to bring so that you can feel prepared and relaxed, so call ahead of time and ask. At OLEHENRIKSEN Face/Body, you’ll find extra fluffy towels, q-tips and mouthwash among other perks.
  3. Arrive early. Show up a about a half hour early so you can check in and utilize the spas amenities and relax before your treatment.
  4. Bring a bathing suit. Ole Henriksen’s spa offers disposable underwear but bring a bathing suit just in case. You may want to use it in the steam room or sauna to feel more comfortable.
  5. Get dropped off. It can be very difficult to transition from driving through traffic to being completely relaxed. Ask a loved one to give you a ride on your day of pampering so that you can take the spa feeling home with you.
  6. Avoid wearing light colors after a spray tan. Although most spa quality spray tanning treatments readily absorb into the skin, it’s always a good idea to play it safe and wear dark clothing in case some of the color rubs off.
  7. Avoid shaving 24 hours before exfoliating treatments. Shaving or waxing prior to exfoliating can cause irritation and bumps because it aggravates the hair follicles. However, shaving right after will allow for a much closer shave. OLEHENRIKSEN Face/Body even has disposable razors on hand for their guests to use after their treatments.
  8. Provide the best information possible. Make sure to tell the spa the best way to contact you. Most spas will call, text or email you a reminder to get you excited for your day at the spa!
  9. Just relax. Be prepared to spend some time to relax. Get comfortable talking to your aesthetician during your consultation so they can know exactly how to cater to you so you can get everything you want out of your visit.
  10. Write down the name of your aesthetician. If you loved your treatment, request the same person next time!
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